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Social Media for Contractors

Chris Martin July 21, 2020 87

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Join Brian Fraley of Fraley Construction Marketing as he speaks with Chris Martin and Jon O’Brien about social media use among contractors.  Topics include how to allocate marketing dollars, use of social media to grow businesses and brands and how the industry has evolved with digital platforms.

As much as digital is being embraced across the industry, there are a variety of trends that reinforce digital as a useful resource.  In the discussion, Fraley reinforced the need to establish your objective before building a social following.  Additionally, he shares several tips for expanding your social presence by:

  • Determine who your audience is
  • Confirm that your audience is where you are
  • Use the correct social platform
  • Define the content you want to share and be known for
  • Establish the correct standards for posting

Listen in as the Building PA Podcast lays the foundation for social media use for the construction industry.

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