Managing Construction Risk

Construction companies win when their insurance broker is construction-centric!

Building PA Podcast September 26, 2023 269 5

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What makes your insurance broker invaluable? One that knows the construction safety side and the insurance risk side and uses that knowledge to find solutions for construction clients.

We sat down with the Director of Construction Risk Partners, Joe Poliafico, an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in construction risk management. Joe shares insights into his journey from the contractor side of the construction business to his current role at Construction Risk Partners (CRP). He provides a glimpse into CRP’s unique approach to insurance brokerage, focusing primarily on the contracting space and helping contractors enhance their businesses through a risk-oriented lens.

Joe’s storytelling takes us through the pivotal moments of his career, highlighting the importance of safety and risk management in the construction industry. He emphasizes how safety isn’t just about following textbook guidelines but also about practical implementation in the field. 

Joe candidly recounts his early experiences, where safety was viewed as a mere formality to secure insurance coverage, and how he turned that perspective around to become an integral part of the organization’s success.

The conversation delves into Joe’s journey from being a figurehead for insurance compliance to a genuine advocate for safety and risk reduction. He shares anecdotes and challenges he faced along the way, showcasing his dedication to improving safety standards in the industry. Joe’s passion for helping contractors succeed shines through as he discusses CRP’s construction-centric approach and its commitment to understanding and enhancing clients’ businesses.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the construction industry or those interested in the intersection of safety, risk management, and business growth. Joe’s insights offer valuable lessons on how safety and success can go hand in hand, making it a compelling and informative conversation.

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