Is Prefabrication a Fad or Here to stay?

Chris Martin January 31, 2022 182

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Jim Gabriel, president of MODLOGIQ shed light on why prefabrication is trending across the construction industry.

Owners, general contractors, designers, and architects are turning to modular construction for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that the world is changing. Gabriel speaks openly about the pandemic and how modular construction has helped contractors and projects continue to move ahead even when job sites are shut down. This is due in part, to 80% of modular construction being constructed off-site. When MODLOGIQ finishes a project, it’s set and ready to be shipped and installed without the headache of on-site construction.

We also will put to rest some of the myths about modular construction and prefabrication. The perception is that modular construction is cheaper. Gabriel comments, “it’s not cheaper, it provides more cost certainty for their clients and helps reduce cost escalation.”

You’ll also hear more about the unique ways modular construction is being used. Gabriel talks about “pushing the envelope” in their industry. Prefabrication and modularization are pushing to do more than just affordable housing or single-family homes. MODLOGIQ is trying to bring its business up to standards that designers and owners expect from traditional builds.

We know our listeners always want to hear the take on safety as it relates to our topics. We asked Gabriel how prefabrication translates to a safer job site. He shares his thoughts, insights, and more in this next episode of the Building PA Podcast.

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