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Technologies in Construction - Brian Skripac
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harnessing innovative technologies in construction with Brian Skripac of the DBIA

Chris Martin February 9, 2024

Listen in on our latest podcast episode as Brian Skripac, the Director for Virtual Design and Construction at the Design Build Institute of America, provides valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of innovative technologies in construction. Having made the transition from architecture to a leadership role in Building Information Modeling […]

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Dive into the Carpenters’ newest training school

Chris Martin January 29, 2024

Plunge into the world of underwater construction on the latest Building PA Podcast featuring Don Gibbons, a seasoned Commercial Dive Instructor with the EAS Commercial Dive School. Delve into the distinctive skillset of commercial divers handling tasks like underwater inspections and explore the abundant training options at the EAS Commercial […]

2023 Recap
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Construction business

Our 2023 Recap!

Chris Martin January 16, 2024

Celebrate the arrival of 2024 with Chris and Jon as they reflect on the past year in the latest episode. The co-hosts delve into the profound impact Building PA Podcast has made within the PA construction community and beyond, sharing insights on their favorite interviews from the year. No retrospective […]

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Ollie Olsen – EAS Carpenters

Chris Martin December 19, 2023

In this episode of Building PA Podcast, co-hosts Jon O’Brien and Chris Martin take the audience on the road to Sicklerville, New Jersey, immersing them in the intriguing environment of the Carpenters Dive School. Unveiling unique aspects and sharing anecdotes along the way, the hosts are accompanied by Ollie Olsen, […]