Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

Director of Safety and suicide survivor shares how his experience is helping others in construction

Building PA Podcast September 26, 2023 99

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This podcast highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues, especially in the construction industry.

The conversation with Marko Kaar, director of safety operations at BBE Incorporated, emphasized the need for open communication, resources, and support.

Kaar touches on the nationwide prevalence of mental health challenges in the industry and encourages people to seek help through the 988 helpline

Kaar shared his personal journey of recovery from alcoholism and early exposure to suicide, highlighting the need for compassion and understanding. 

The challenges in Connecticut, including the opioid crisis and workplace stressors, were discussed.  “While progress has been made in raising awareness, there is still work to be done to reduce occupational exposures and suicides,” said Kaar. 

The importance of communication at all levels of the industry was emphasized to effectively address mental health challenges.

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