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What will it take for small businesses to thrive again?

Tracy Sturla July 12, 2022 74

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COVID, workforce development, supply chain issues, this list goes on and on for the daily challenges faced by small businesses. It’s probably safe to say that it has been a rough two years for business in general. So what does the future hold?

Recognizing that 48% of people work for small businesses, we decided to check in with Pennsylvania State Director, Greg Moreland of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) to talk about the challenges small businesses are currently facing and what NFIB is doing to help advocate for their members in Pennsylvania.

Moreland commented that their members are at a “record high in negative business optimism.” Not surprising knowing that owners struggle daily to find workers to fill open positions leaving more of the workload to fall on the shoulders of business owners, sometimes doubling or tripling their responsibilities. 

Part of what the NFIB does for small businesses is to stay on top of current legislative topics that might affect business owners. If it’s something that will result negatively on small businesses the NFIB helps to advocate on their behalf. Moreland recommends every small business owner connect with their local legislators and build strong relationships.  

Moreland shares some great recommendations for small business owners and what it will take for them to survive in our current economy.

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