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Innovation in Construction: Building a Tech-Forward Future

Building PA Podcast August 1, 2023 64

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In this episode, we tap into the mind of the Vice President of Innovation for Wohlsen ConstructionEd McCauley to discuss innovation in the construction industry.

Our co-hosts explore the role of technology and IT in construction. McCauley shares his thoughts on virtual design in construction. McCauley explains how they use innovative tools and technologies to improve project management, coordination, and efficiency.

Various innovations in the construction industry are highlighted, including image recognition for quality and safety observations, robotics for demolition and progress monitoring, and exoskeletons for enhancing worker capabilities and reducing strain. 

They also touch on the potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in construction, especially in maintenance and operations.

The conversation further delves into the application of LEAN principles in the construction process, emphasizing continuous improvement and collaboration to identify and solve challenges. 

The trio also touches on the cyclical nature of technology innovation, expecting future tangible advancements that directly impact construction professionals in the field.

McCauley believes that there will be continual advancements in drone usage and 3D modeling positioning this technology at the forefront of innovation for now and in the future.

To learn more about Wohlsen visit their website

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