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Embracing Technology Can Change Your Bottom Line

Building PA Podcast August 9, 2022 137

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On today’s show, we invited the Co-Founder and CSO of Vertical, Aaron Priest to talk more about how technology can affect the bottom line for construction companies.

Vertical is a software platform that solves problems around construction compliance and documentation. In other words, Vertical has found a way to get contractors paid FASTER.

We started the conversation off by asking how Vertical is impacting their client’s bottom line. Priest commented that Vertical’s particular focus started with lean waivers and sworn statements which is the last mile of documentation that can cause a lot of headaches in the final stages of the construction process when contractors are trying to get paid. Vertical’s product helps solve that problem.

Construction companies are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line. We know that embracing technology is a big part of it. Statistically speaking the construction industry is playing a little bit of catchup in technology, advancement, and adoption. Particularly because what they’ve been doing has been working. But with the onset of Covid and workforce development issues, technology is the one element that will need to be embraced to help construction companies run leaner and more efficiently.

You can learn more about increasing your bottom line by listening to today’s podcast. Be sure to check out Vertical and their software product at

Note about today’s guest and their company. Vertical is the winner of the 2021 IGI (Industrial Grade Innovation) Startup Battle presented by TAUC (The Association of Union Contractors).

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