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Some things to think about next time you’re driving through a construction zone!

Tracy Sturla August 2, 2022 648 5

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We’ve all been there, you’re in your car on your way to your annual family vacation destination or just making your daily trip to work, and you’re stopped or slowed down because of traffic due to road construction. It seems like road construction and repair are everywhere, and you’re right, it is! And whether you believe it or not, it’s a good thing. 

With the recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, road construction and repair of bridges and highways are booming and making our infrastructure in PA better and safer.

We invited the Executive Director of CAWP (The Contructors of Western Pennsylvania), Rich Barcaskey to give us some insight into heavy highway repair, construction, and the importance of being a patient and responsible driver when you are driving through construction zones. 

One of the most important, if not the most important concern for the CAWP is the safety of their workers. As drivers, we can do our part by obeying the speed limit, minimizing distractions, and staying alert while driving through construction areas. 

This summer CAWP developed a new initiative to recognize the hard-working men and women working in heavy highway and construction. The program is called CAWP Cares and includes a bag packed with essentials for workers to help them take care of themselves— sunscreen, a cooling towel,  a tick-removal kit, and many more useful items to have on the job. CAWP has also included a printed brochure with daily tips to help them with their mental health and physical well-being. 

To learn more about the Constructors of Western Pennsylvania check out CAWP.org.

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