Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Tracy Sturla April 26, 2022 114 5

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Marc Mondor, principal, architect, and co-founder of evolveEA is our latest guest to talk about sustainable design. 

Mondor shares how their company approaches a project to ensure the structure has a “lesser, lighter environmental impact.” Mondor commented that the word “sustainability” is used a lot more in recent years and is sometimes overused. 

He puts this thought into context when he talks about what they refer to as the triple bottom line of sustainability or the three “e’s” of the built environment. 

Listen and learn more about Mondor’s thoughts on sustainable design and how they are striving to build a healthier world. 

Mondor is a former president of the AIA. evolveEA has over 100 certifications and has earned many awards for their work in sustainable design.

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