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Mindset Reset a conversation with Author, Edna Howard

Building PA Podcast July 11, 2023 92

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In this podcast episode, we talk with Edna Howard, the president of Voices of Encouragement, a training and development company focused on empowering the workforce.

The discussion is around the importance of employee wellness, safety concerns, and workforce challenges.

Howard shares her passion for leadership development and helping leaders have “light bulb” moments of understanding.

This episode addresses mental health topics and issues, particularly in the construction industry, which has been affected by addiction and suicide problems.

Howard advises companies to start by conducting a needs assessment and creating a supportive culture that promotes open communication, work-life balance, and healthy behaviors. Providing resources and support such as counseling, mental health workshops, stress management training, and employee assistance programs is crucial.

The podcast emphasizes the significance of reducing the stigma around mental health by promoting awareness and education.  The importance of self-care and meeting individuals where they are on their wellness journey, acknowledging their unique circumstances, and tailoring support accordingly.

Overall, the goal is to improve employees’ mental health and well-being through a multifaceted approach that prioritizes culture, support, and education.

Edna Howard is the author of Mindset Reset: Three Powerful Principles to Transform Your Thinking. Click on the link to buy directly from Amazon. You can also learn more about Voices of Encouragement by clicking on the link attached. 

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