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To “B” or not to B Corp. We’ve asked the questions!

Tracy Sturla May 30, 2022 141

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We wanted to know more about what a B Corp is and what is fueling the desire to become B Corp certified. 

Our guest on this episode is passionate about their B Corp certification and took the time to share with us a broad overview of what it takes to achieve this status.

Beth Peiffer, owner and president of Ralph E. Jones, a painting, wallcovering, and special coatings contractor in Harrisburg, shares her company’s experience around becoming B Corp certified.

Peiffer believes being a B Corp is the wave of the future. 

The philosophy behind this certification is to make your company focus less on your product or service and more on the prioritization of employees and their well-being, your environmental footprint, community impact, your governance structure, and your relationship with customers and suppliers.

Listen to this latest podcast episode to hear more about Peiffer’s journey to becoming B Corp certified and how this decision has changed the way they do business.

Peiffer is proud to say, “Ralph E. Jones, paining a better community!”

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