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Positive Insights on Workforce Development!

Building PA Podcast August 30, 2022 79

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Workforce development is a topic that we’ve talked about a lot on the podcast and written about repeatedly in The Keystone Contractor.  When we open up the topic for discussion, we’re often left with more questions than answers.

There’s no doubt that the construction industry is facing significant worker shortages. So rather than talking about the same grim statistics, we want to share a story of positivity and hope through one business owner’s eyes. Neal Rivers, executive vice president of Easley & Rivers in Pittsburgh shares his positive perspective on workforce development and how fortunate he feels to be insulated from what much of the construction industry is experiencing. 

As a union contractor Rivers shares that they have been fortunate and haven’t had to deal with the workforce issues others may be feeling.  He credits the trades and their efforts in getting quality people into the industry. Rivers also feels that his geography, western PA, and his clients have also had a strong and positive impact on limiting the issues of workforce development.

This episode is an uplifting story that we feel brings hope for what the future holds for the construction industry.

Easley & Rivers is a specialty sub-contractor working in interior construction, interior systems, and interior furniture. 

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