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Dive into the Carpenters’ newest training school

Chris Martin January 29, 2024

Plunge into the world of underwater construction on the latest Building PA Podcast featuring Don Gibbons, a seasoned Commercial Dive Instructor with the EAS Commercial Dive School. Delve into the distinctive skillset of commercial divers handling tasks like underwater inspections and explore the abundant training options at the EAS Commercial […]

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Trades or College

A Field Trip to the First Union-Operated Diving School in The United States.

Building PA Podcast August 29, 2023

On the road again… Co-hosts John O’Brien and Chris Martin took the show on the road. This time their field trip landed them at the Carpenter’s Dive School in Sicklerville, NJ. After touring the facility they sat down with Tim Waring, the training coordinator at the Sicklerville Dive School. This school is the […]